Referee Whistle

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The Acme Thunderer Whistle is amongst the best whistles in the world used in many elite competitions due to their build quality and reliability.

  • Big deep sound, far carrying
  • Blowrate: Most effort
  • Blowsound: High Loudness
  • Blowtone: Deep

*** Note the delivery time frame for this items is between 5 - 7 buiness days depending on location.

About ACME Thunderer:

First developed in 1884 by a small and dedicated team, it remains one of the most popular whistle designs ever produced with poor copies being sold globally. However, when you get your hands on an authentic ACME Thunderer the superior quality of the materials and tooling becomes apparent. This is because our genuine Thunderers are still made by hand using traditional techniques and much of the original equipment dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. It is also known as the ‘Titanic whistle’, due to the fact it was used aboard the ill-fated vessel, the Titanic.